Personal Appearance

People with Asperger Syndrome tend to be unconcerned about fashion or whether what they wear is contemporary. As long as they are dressed comfortably and are tidy then they tend to be content and satisfied.

As a manager, however, it needs to be appreciated that dressing smartly and appropriately in relation to the work context, it is not only important, but also essential.

It is about impressions and creating gravitas. If a manager does not look professional, then they will not come across as such. This will hinder their ability to operate effectively.

There are a number of factors relating to dress and personal appearance and which will impact upon a manager with AS in the workplace:

• Comfort:

A person with AS will normally seek to wear clothes that are comfortable. Often, however, comfort is sought at the expense of other factors that are also important in a business context.

• Sensory Sensitivity:

Certain clothing can be detrimental from the sensory perspective that is important to someone with AS.

• Style & Fashion:

People with AS do not typically keep up-to-date with fashion. However, style is important in business.

• Peer Judgement:

What a manager wears will be judged by others. It will also impact on how a managers approach is evaluated.

• Choice & Selection:

The choice of a managers’ attire needs to relate to their environment.

Appearance is not typically important for a person with AS. By extension, it will not, therefore, be for a manager either.

However it is important. Why and how can appropriate, effective managerial appearance be achieved?

Managing with Asperger Syndrome