Managing Your Superior

The relationship that one has with a superior manager is always important. For a manager with AS it is critical.

To work effectively and to one’s full potential, having a superior who provides and demonstrates certain facets will greatly assist the performance of a manager with Asperger Syndrome.

An effective superior will act as a:

• Support Mechanism: knowing that what is required, and that what you are doing matches this, is essential. Feeling uncertain, will often lead to increased anxiety levels and a decline in performance.

• Motivation: conversely, being assured that one is working correctly and effectively is an enormous motivator. For with everyone with AS, motivation is, at times, difficult. A person with AS needs a purpose as well reason for really working assiduously at something. In addition, praise and encouragement are re-enforcers and will drive motivation. It is no different for a manager with AS.

• Mentoring: this will provide assistance and a support mechanism to address potentially problematic issues such as: adapting to the prevailing corporate culture, integration and learning related job tasks. A mentor will also provide the shield necessary at times from anxious situations such as conflict with, and at, higher management levels.

However, it cuts both ways. A supportive boss is someone worth looking for, but how often does an AS manager assist in helping and enabling them to provide what is required? It is all very easy to just sit back and expect a superior manager to be effective, but without assistance many will simply be unable to manage someone with Asperger effectively.

In many cases it simply does not happen. Why: because it is impossible to do so if they do not fully understand what is required! Providing that understanding can be enormously beneficial. How can it achieved?

Managing with Asperger Syndrome