Dealing with Recruitment Agencies

I had a disappointment yesterday when I was turned down for a job via a recruitment agency.

It would have been an ideal position with a major film organisation for a short period in a new and emerging area.

What was frustrating was that the agency did not tell me about the role until very late and only then when I had rung them by chance. I was told that someone had been offered the job but was likely to decline. They then accepted.

I find dealing with recruitment companies a very unprofitable exercise. I am told that the key is to build a relationship with a few recruitment consultants that are amenable to you and likely to put you in the frame. My AS has always made this very difficult to achieve.

Has anyone thoughts or suggestions?

Employment Agencies

I haven't really dealt with agencies in regards to employment that much. I have a friend who has dealt with agencies before in regards to employment. Many of these agencies did help him find a job in the past but with these places it's hit and miss especially with this economy. Sometimes it's easier just to apply for a job opening and take it from there. Many of these agencies charge money that people might not be able to afford or have some sort of catch.

Some of these agencies are limited in the sense they're only connected with one or two companies. Plus when you first meet a recruiter in one of these places they really give you the impression that you're great and they'll find you a great job like that but in reality things don't work out like that. I went to a agency once when I was college for a Summer job. Right away the agency stated they had a part-time opening in a really top company and made a great deal out of it. I was never called for the interview and I never heard from the agency! Some of these recruiters are just like shady salespeople.

More About Agencies

I think what you say is right.

I think that the thing about agencies from an Asperger syndrome perspective is that you are having to prove yourself to someone.

It has been said many times that it is easier to get a job when you have a job: I certainly think that that is true. The reason for this is that, in these instances, it is usually the cases that the company/headhunter has sourced you. What this means is they they want you; you do not have to prove yourself to them.

This is very important for a person with AS. The reason I feel this is the case is that you have to prove yoursef less. Part of that, of course, involves not having to be so assertive.

if only

I can only dream of being headhunted.