Working at the Same Things

It’s been a sense of deja vu over the last couple of weeks or so: the same, similar issues re-appearing that have required me to continue to focus and work on them so as to try and change my long-established behavioural patterns.

Firstly, listening to the “other person”. I had a colleague come to discuss an issue and I found myself – initially – drifting in terms of attention. I quickly made a mental note to “come back” and focus which I successfully did; eye contact, non-verbal communication to acknowledge the other person. The conversation then went well and I think I took most things in.

I have always worked at reducing my procrastination by making a start to get things done. I’m getting better at this, but I am still finding it hard and I don’t know why. As soon as I start something I am away and can then complete; its just the mental exercise of beginning something.

What I am finding useful is putting a mental block on thinking about the things I have to do “after” I have completed the task in hand. Doing this also makes me slow down and work steadily on my current task which also reduces anxiety.

I am also building quite a good relationship with a colleague who I initially found distant. I have written before about how I didn’t particularly take to him to start with. However, I made a conscious effort to instigate my self-developed strategy of giving the person the benefit of the doubt, reaching out to them and really trying to understand them. Again, I have found this invaluable and effective.

All of the above actions have one thing in common: I need to persevere. I find that it is very easy to start trying to practice a behaviour but then slacken off. Looking back I can see how this recurred in many cases during my business career.

A person [manager] with Asperger Syndrome needs to keep working at it. The more I do it though of course, the more embedded and easier it becomes.

Managing with Asperger Syndrome