Work Environment, Satisfying the Boss, Continuing to Repair a Relationship,

It’s been a relatively uneventful couple of weeks since I last posted which is why I haven’t done so – not because I have let things slip which I have previously said I wouldn’t do!

Three things to report on.

1. Company Visit

I went to see a former colleague’s new place of employment yesterday. He is working in a major organization in the digital industry. It was most impressive and full – unsurprisingly given that it is in the digital arena – of very young people.

Boy did I feel out-of-place! I’d be too old to work there – and neither would I probably want to; the environment was inappropriate for me.

This reminded just how important the latter is for someone with Asperger Syndrome and the need to ensure this remains the case. Where I  work now is ideal for me. Its not aggressive and, overall, supportive in culture.

I then reflected on how relaxed and non-anxious I have been over the last few years since I moved in the sector. It has changed my whole outlook and made me a calmer – and a more effective employee and worker.

2. The CEO

The CEO sent an e-mail around this week asking for people to fill in an online form. Apparently not many had done so – me included.

I completed it immediately. Doing so reminded me of the view taken by a past boss who I have always regarded as my mentor. He said to me once: “if my boss asks me to do something, I do so straightaway and get it off my back immediately”.

From an Asperger perspective there are additional benefits of doing this. It prevents anxiety from building, it creates a positive view from up top that mitigates against other potential uncertainties about me and also makes me feel good and motivated.

3. Continuing to Repair Relationships

I posted a few backs about how a colleague had expressed displeasure with me. As I wrote at the time, I immediately addressed the issue and sought to reach out and ensure that I apologized for any unintended friction to repair the relationship.

My approach was successful but I have not stopped. Instead of leaving things at that as I may have done before, I have continued to communicate and reach out to that person.

The relationship and working arrangement is now working really good and positive.

Managing with Asperger Syndrome