Repeat Challenges

It was a difficult week last week (and is likely to be so again for the same reasons) due to a challenge that I often face: managing interpersonal relationships.

I am having to co-deliver a product program at the moment with a new colleague which was thrust upon me at the last moment. Though we are providing the same contact/product we are doing so to two, separate customer groups.

My colleague has developed this product so I am having to use his materials. I have done something similar before and so could use mine but there is a question of consistency.

There was an error in understanding on my part and my colleague has got upset about it. He is away at the moment and won’t be back until a week and so I am going to address it then.

Things like this always worry me because of my AS. A few years ago it would probably have caused me great anxiety. I would also have sought to address the issue straightaway when I would not have been in the best place emotionally to deal with it objectively and rationally.

What I am doing is ignoring it until my colleague returns. This – hopefully will give things – and him – a chance to calm down and then I will seek to build bridges: say I am sorry for the misunderstanding but – as my wife has also said – not automatically assuming that it is all my fault. Maybe he has over-reacted somewhat.

I have also had an issue with another customer who is unhappy with some the same product. He is not, I believe, being deliberately awkward; more that he wants clarification with what he is actually being provided with. I have not fully completed what I said I would so so I need to be amenable to him and fully resolve this problem also.

I have also last week tried to put others first in the area of communication: mentally saying that I need to let others speak and fully listen to what they are actually saying. This is another part of my process of trying to develop empathy and my empathetic skills.

Managing with Asperger Syndrome