Paying Attention/Proactivity

I’ve been in my new role now for just over six months and have settled in nicely.

I like the place, my colleagues and the atmosphere and culture: it is very laid back and one is largely left to ones’ own devices.

For these same reasons I can see lots of opportunity. There are two or three areas that the organization really needs to respond to if it is to suvive and progress within the market it operates in.

One is international. The market for the product is increasingly international and some rivals are moving into the space very aggressively.

The second area is technology: the product is being digitized meaning that delivery of the product currently and my own job is under pressure from the digital process.

I have started to respond to both as both mean that I can enhance and protect my position. I have ensured that I am on a working project/team looking into the digital angle and I am meeting the CEO shortly to discuss overseas opportunities.

It is all quite exciting  but I know I have to also be careful, or, more pertinently, focused. My lower attention span appertaining to my Asperger means I have a tendency to flick between projects. The end result is that – often – I do become a “starter-finisher”.

The other main thing to report, and which is related to this, is attention in meetings. I was in one just before Easter and found myself drifting mentally when the topic of discussion went off my immediate area.

I recognise that I have done this before and it can be very detrimental. It means that I miss things; do not pick up on the wider [bigger] picture and; can also send the message to colleagues that I am not interested in their area of what they are saying.

Asking inquistive questions, whilst remaining relevant of course, I have found is a good way to overcome this problem.

Managing with Asperger Syndrome