Managing Criticism

Had another incident this week when I encountered some criticism.

I say criticism; it was more akin to feedback about part of a product I was delivering. It was constructive yet it still unnerved me slightly for a couple of days as these things tend to do.

It comes back of course to the ingrained sense of being different that is in my psyche as a result of my AS, but it is something that I still need to manage.

What I do – and did – was to try not to worry about it too much for a day or two – nor try to do anything about it. Instead I let it drift until it became less of an issue mentally.

This then gave me a chance to look at the situation more objectively. I had also had some positive feedback about the event and I focused more on that and how I could improve and develop things going forward.

Now the worrying stage has passed I can see developmental opportunities and really feel quite positive about the situation.

Managing with Asperger Syndrome