Incremental Progress

I have been in an incredibly busy period over the last few weeks and have had an awful lot on.  As usual I have found it very stressful and problematic organizing my time and ensuring that everything gets done.

I have tried to plan my schedule up-front more proactively and, am I am pleased to say, have largely succeeded. Key to this has been working slowly and focusing – cognitively – on one piece of work at a time to clear the backlog incrementally.

This has really helped my productivity. By working steadily through each issue I have slowly cleared things and worked productively. This, in turn, has assisted my confidence.

Central to doing this is focusing on the current issue and “forcing” myself to NOT think of the other things that I need to do. This has prevented my from switching to other tasks and which I have found, in the past, impacts negatively on my productivity. Switching satisfies my short attention span, but doesn’t enable me to “start and finish”.

Managing with Asperger Syndrome