Asperger Management


Asperger syndrome is not a subject automatically linked to business or with people working in white collar roles or in a professional or management context.

Asperger Management seeks to address this. It aims to provide support for people with Asperger Syndrome (AS) working in senior, white-collar professional management positions to enhance and promote personal development to enable the full potential of an AS Manager to be realised.

There is an abundance of information available for people with Asperger Syndrome, but very little for those with the condition working in a professional capacity. It is for this audience that this website has been developed.

The following pages contain information about various management and business issues and how they affect managers with AS. This is followed by advice and guidance about how each issue can be approached and dealt with more effectively.

Much of the information builds on the content in my book — Managing With Asperger Syndrome, published in 2005 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. The book outlines my experience in a variety of senior management roles, and how I and others might better understand their condition and tackle some of the issues that confront them.

The website also provides additional information and services and acts as focal point for professional managers with Asperger syndrome.

However, it is not just for managers. It is also very much targeted at people with AS working in less high profile positions; ones who still face the same issues that are outlined throughout the site.

I hope very much that you will visit Asperger Management regularly, and also actively participate and contribute through feedback and discussion via your own experiences and insight.

Malcolm Johnson

Managing with Asperger Syndrome